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Having problems with shopping? Don't worry! Here are some simple shopping suggestions and directions.

How do I order from the shop?

To order the items from our shop, you must first put your selected product in the Shopping Cart and then continue toward the Checkout.  

You can browse by the categories listed on the left or use the various search options. All the items shown are in stock and ready to ship. When you find an item that meets your requirements, click the "Add to Cart" button. You can add more items or easily remove items from the cart. Simply click on the "Remove" button beside the product you wish to remove.


When you have finished shopping, click the "Checkout", button that appears on the screen with your shopping cart. At this point, you can place your order in several ways. The easiest is to finish the procedure via the Internet. In this case, enter your data on the form and confirm the order. When your order ships, you will receive a confirmation e-mail message. You can also order by telephone or fax. Call one of our support staff (Maja, Robi, Igor, Roman) and they will help you place your order via the Internet or join the club.

What if the product does not fit or I’m not satisfied with the product?

The products in our shop are of the highest possible quality existing in the field of sports shoes and sportswear.  

If the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it without hesitation in the original shipping package undamaged (unworn) within 30 days from your purchase and you will get a refund, of the value of the returned product (without shipping costs), no questions asked. You can also exchange the product. Send it back and we will send you a new product. In either case, send the merchandise to the address on the return form (bottom right-hand corner).


You may also exchange the product with the original invoice at one of the Tomas Sport shops. The merchandise will be exchanged without any extra charge, if you decide on the same item in a different size or on a different item that costs the same as the amount on your invoice. If you decide to buy a more expensive item, the price of your returned item will be deducted from the price of your new item and you will only pay the difference. Expect, items in a classical shop to be somewhat more expensive, but quality personal service comes at a price. For moreinformacij click here.

Who can help me in case I have problems shopping?

If you have problems shopping, there are several ways to get in touch with our salespersons:


  • Send us an e-mail at We will answer your mail within 24 hours.



  • Call us on the phone (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.): + 386 1 422 80 34. If you have any questions about shopping in the shop, you can always turn to our heads of departments and they will be happy to advise you and help you find a solution. These are the heads of individual departments: Maja, Dejan, Robert, Igor and Roman.

3.3 How do I choose the right type of running shoes?

Svetovanje pri nakupu.  

You decided to make running a part of your recreation and a healthy lifestyle, and after your first running experience in the sports shoes you put on because they were immediately at hand, you encountered this question. The fact is that appropriate footwear is the most important piece of your running equipment. Since different runners have different requirements, here are some basic things you need to know when buying a new pair of running shoes


  • The most important thing that many beginning runners—as well as many “veteran” runners—are not familiar with is the shape of the foot and how it responds when hitting the ground. In hitting the ground, the outside of the heel strikes the ground first and the foot then flattens out toward the big toe. This movement is called PRONATION. Over-pronation and under-pronation can be corrected with the right type of footwear.



  • The three basic shapes of the foot are connected with the height of the arch of the foot. We all know the so-called “flat foot,” meaning the arch is low. In this case, when the entire foot comes in contact with the ground, it flattens and due to the force of the impact, the heel “rolls” inward. The experts call this EXCESSIVE PRONATION. In practice, the shorter term “pronation” is used.

    PRONATION – ROLLING THE FOOT INWARD,picture of the left foot

    The opposite reaction occurs when the arch is very high, meaning that the foot lands on the outside edge and rolls outwards. This is called SUPINATION.

    SUPINATION – ROLLING THE FOOT OUTWARD, picture of the left foot



  • How do I discover what type of foot I have?

    The simplest way is to step on a piece of cardboard with a wet foot and look at the footprint. If there is an empty space between the heel and the toes, we have SUPINATION; if the imprint of the entire foot is visible it means excessive PRONATION (“flat foot”); if the section between the heel and the toes is connected, but not entirely visible, the foot has a proper shape. We can get a similar result by looking at our old shoes to see where the wear is the most pronounced (on the outside edge indicates supination or pronation).



  • By establishing the type of foot, we have the first good information for choosing running shoes. The next important facts are how much we run (runners usually express the amount of running in km per week) and how heavy we are. Heavier runners need more cushioning and more stable models.



  • Another important thing you should not forget when buying sports shoes is your gender. This may sound a little strange, but women have a different movement mechanics and foot shapes than men. Women have broader hips and consequently more pronounced pronation. Women’s models adapt to the movement of the foot and transfer the weight through the shoe sole from the heel toward the toes. The second difference is the shape of the foot. The heel is usually narrower and the shape of the heel counter in women’s models is adapted to meet this requirement. Last but not least, women are lighter, so the sole in women’s models is less firm and has a different type of cushioning than the men’s sole. Buying women’s models in larger sizes often presents a problem, but all manufacturers of running shoes produce women’s models in larger sizes. They can be difficult to find, but if you visit specialized shops you will find larger sizes such as 43 or 44 available.




  • Runners with excessive pronation, whether men or women, do not have major problems buying appropriate running shoes. Since the majority of runners overpronate, the offer of models for them meets the demand. The models suitable for correcting pronation differ visibly from other models. On the inner side of the shoe, the central section of the sole (looking from the side) is made of materials of varying firmness, which are distinguished by colour (firmer materials are in darker colours). Some models have even plastic parts such as heel stabilizers. Technically, these models belong to the STABILITY category of running shoes.



  • Runners with SUPINATION (supination – high arch of the foot), however, find it more difficult to find an appropriate model. These runners are substantially fewer in number and therefore so is the number of models available. You need models with, strong and neutral cushioning, which means they have no stability features. Visually, this means that the midsole is usually made of only one material or that it only has additional cushioning layers that are softer than the basic part of the sole rather than firmer as for cases of excessive PRONATION(pronation – low arch of the foot).

    In better shops, you will find running shoes arranged by their specialization to make your choice easier. The best way to make sure your selection is right is to test your model by putting them on and running in them. You can test individual models on the track at various events and races. The most frequent mistake runners make is selecting a model that a friend or acquaintance is satisfied with. This is fine if you have similar characteristics (weight, amount of training, shape of foot), but since this is usually not the case, their well-intentioned advice can do more harm than good.

    For additional information, contact us at these addresses: